Recover Formatted Mac Hard Drive Data

Did you just realize that you have not taken backup of your hard drive data after formatting your entire Mac hard drive? All your precious hard drive data are gone!!! Your only aim was to make your Mac machine free from harmful viruses and you ended up in losing you entire hard drive data!!! Now what?? Will it be possible ever to bet back those precious data? Is there way to restore the lost Mac hard drive data other than backup files?

Yes of course there is!!! Hard drive formatting does mainly two things. It creates a new file system and then makes the root directory in that file system by erasing all the existing data on the hard drive. But that does not mean the files are removed from the hard drive permanently. Only the access to the existing files are removed by the formatting process and the entire hard drive space is declared as free space for reuse. You can easily recover data from the formatted hard drive before they are overwritten using Mac Disk Recovery Software.

To avoid overwriting of hard drive data stop using the formatted Mac hard drive before complete recovery. You should not reformat / repartition the Mac hard drive. Do not install the disk recovery tool on the formatted hard drive. It is better to install the disk recovery tool on a healthy hard drive by connecting the formatted hard drive to it as a slave and then save the recovered data on the healthy hard drive.

Some common scenario under which the hard drive on Mac has to be formatted are mentioned below:

Format Error: Sometimes, the hard drive throws error messages indicating that the partition is not formatted properly and prompts you to format the drive. If you select “No” option then you will get the same error, which prevents you from accessing hard drive data. If you opt for “Yes” option then your drive gets formatted resulting in data loss.

Due to harmful viruses: Generally, we use Antivirus program to get rid of the viruses from hard drive. However sometimes, the Antivirus program fails o remove the virus from the hard drive of your Mac computer which ultimately results in serious data loss. Under such circumstances, you have to format the hard drive to remove harmful viruses. However, if you have forgotten to take data backup, then you will face serious hard drive data loss

Operating System crash: If OS of your Mac machine crashes due to some reasons then you will have to re-install it to get an access to the data in the hard drive. You will be asked to format the hard drive during re-installation of Operating System. In case, you format the hard drive without taking a backup then you will end up in losing entire hard drive data

When a file system of hard disk becomes RAW: If the file system of your Mac hard disk is corrupted due to viruses or accidental system shut down due to frequent power failure then you may come across error messages like “The type of the file system is RAW”. This error message conveys that the file system of the hard disk is not the same as before. In such scenario, you need to format the hard disk drive in order to assign new file system. Formatting deletes the entire hard drive data resulting in serious data loss

The software supports data recovery from bad hard drive on almost all versions of Mac operating system starting from Mac OS X to 10.5 x and above versions. The disk recovery software is an effective utility to recover data from Mac hard drive. It possesses powerful built in algorithm to search and locate data on the Mac hard drive lost after formatting or reformatting. It allows you to recover external HDD data on Mac OS corrupted after improper removal of virus attack. The software supports hard drive recovery on almost all versions of Mac operating system starting from Mac OS X to 10.5 x and above versions. It can retrieve hard drive data Mac OS X Lion easily even when it fails to mount.

Valuable data can be lost after hard drive of your Mac Machine crashed due to some reasons. The reason may be both physical and logical. The logical reasons are operating system crash, virus attack, file system corruption etc. However, using Mac disk recovery tool, you can easily restore data from crashed MacBook Air. You can even preview the recovery result before saving them to any desired location.

The effective steps to retrieve data from formatted Mac hard drive are:

Step 1: Download and launch the demo version of Mac Disk Recovery Tool on a healthy hard drive after connecting the formatted hard drive as a slave to it. After launching the application, select “Recover Partitions / Drives” from the main screen and after that, click on “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” option to restore data from formatted Mac hard drive

Mac Disk Recovery Software - Recovery Mode Selection Window

Step 2: Now, you have to select the partition / drive from which has been accidentally formatted. And then click on “Next” option to proceed. Once the data recovery process is over you will be able to view the data recovered from formatted Mac hard drive.

Partition Undelete - Preview Window

The best way to avoid hard drive data loss is to take full and regular backup of important files. Avoid saving valuable files on the drive where the Mac Operating System is installed. Use powerful and updated Antivirus to make your system virus free.

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