MacBook Air Crashed Hard Drive Recovery

Nothing can be more annoying than losing access to your entire Mac hard drive after hard drive crash. The bad things happens when you are least prepared for it. The history repeated itself in your case too. You were about to access some important files from your MacBook Air hard drive and the system froze!!! In a hurry you restarted the system forcefully thinking that it may solve this issue. But the entire hard drive data become inaccessible after forceful restart!!! The hard drive was containing lots of precious data which was the result of years of hard work and dedication. Now what should you do to get back the precious hard disk data on MacBook Air?

Don’t be desperate!!! It is still possible to recover data from the crashed hard drive on MacBook Air. The data on the crashed hard drive remain intact to its original memory space until they are overwritten. You can easily retrieve crashed hard drive data using Mac Drive recovery software. This software can easily recover crashed hard drive data provided it should not be a physical or mechanical failure. The software works successfully only when the hard drive is crashed due to any logical failure.

MacBook Air is one of the thinnest laptop in the world introduced by Apple Inc. It became popular because of its unique hardware configuration and is based on mobile technology. The model offers high data transfer speed and great system efficiency. However, it still has got some problems like that of other systems. The main problem with MacBook Air is system freezing and hard drive crash. It can happen due to some of the following reasons:

Running more than one program at a time: Installing or running more than one program at time can cause Mac operating system crash hence could lead to hard drive crash on MacBook Air. As a result the entire hard drive data become inaccessible to the user.

Overheating of CPU: Overheating of CPU can be another reason of hard drive crash in MacBook Air. This could cause make the MacBook Air freeze for 10 to 15 minutes on regular intervals which ultimately result in hard drive crash.

Frequent Power surges: The Mac hard drive can crash due to accidental system shut down after instant power failure. Frequent power surges could cause file system corruption, bad sectors, header crash and operating system crash on MacBook Air which ultimately leads to hard drive crash.

Software Malfunctions: Sometimes, the MacBook Air hard drive may crash due to malfunction of some software installed in it. The hard disk may crash due to incompatibility of some software installed in the MacBook Air resulting severe data loss. It has been known recently that, the MacBook Air may crash due to Google Chrome incompatibility issues.

To prevent the overwriting of lost data on the crashed hard drive, you should keep the hard drive unused. Do not repartition / defrag the crashed hard drive. However, Mac Disk recovery tool will help you to easily restore data from crashed hard drive. It can effectively execute external hard drive recovery for Mac OS X. Apart from that if you have lost hard drive data after accidental format or reformat, then also this utility can help you out. The hard drive can be formatted to remove deadly virus from it or during dual boot configuration. In both the cases if you have not taken proper data backup, then you will lose all your important data from the formatted hard disk. This software helps you to restore files formatted hard drive Mac in such scenarios.

Another leading reason for hard drive data loss is partition deletion. Important data from volumes on the Mac hard drive can be accidentally deleted during hard drive repartitioning or multi OS installation. The user may select wrong volume to be formatted and hence loses the entire content of that particular volume. In such circumstances, this Mac disk recovery tool enables you to retrieve data from Mac hard drive on Mac OS X Lion, Leopard and Snow Leopard. This software also has the ability to perform flash drive recovery on Mac OS X of different flash drive brands such as Kingston,HP,Transcend and Sony. You can preview the recovered hard drive data before actually saving them by using the demo version of this software.

The simple procedure to recover data from crashed MacBook Air hard drive is briefly mentioned below:

Step-1: Download and install the demo version of the Mac Disk Restore Utility in a healthy hard drive after connecting the crashed hard drive to it as slave and launch it properly. After successful launching of the application select “Recover Volume / Drive” from the welcome screen. Click on “Volume Recovery” after that from the next Window.

Mac Disk Recovery Software - Main Window

Step-2: After that select the crashed hard disk as the physical drive and click on “Next” to start the drive recovery process. After the scanning process is over, you can view all the data recovered from the crashed hard disk drive along with their details

Partition Undelete - Preview Window

To avoid hard drive crash in the future always backup your important hard drive data onto any external hard drive on regular basis. Use a surge protector to avoid hard drive crash due to accidental system shut down after instant power failure.

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7) and
Mountain Lion (10.8) & Mavericks Users