How to recover lost data from flash drive?

IFlash drives are the storage media to store data. These use flash memory for storing the files and hence give high speed of data writing. There are different types of flash drives. USB flash drive is the simple flash drive which is used to transfer data between the systems supporting USB drives like computers, music players, etc. These can store data like documents, photos, music, audios, videos, etc. The special flash drives like Secure Digital card, MMC, Memory Stick, etc. are specially used for storing different media files. These are used in professional DSLR cameras, camcorders, PSPs, etc. devices. These are different flash drives matching the storage capacity which you need.

You should handle the flash drive with care. You need to take some precautions of usage of flash drives to avoid easy wear out and hence prevent data loss. How careful you may be, sometimes you will lose the data on the flash drive because of some unfavorable conditions. Suppose, you are transferring data from one flash drive to Mac PC using the flash drive and suddenly the power surges, then the transfer process will halt. You will lose the data on the flash drive. If you had any important data then you can recover it using recovery software. You need Mac disk recovery utility for lost flash drive data recovery on Mac. Mac Disk Recovery Software is one of the reliable recovery software.

Some of the scenarios in which data is lost from flash drive:

Format: You may format the flash drive for various reasons. After format, the data on the flash drive are deleted. You will lose all your important data if you had not backed up the flash drive data before formatting. In such situation, you can recover data from flash drive using recovery software. Mac Disk Recovery Software helps you to recover lost flash drive data.

Improper handling: The flash drives if not handled properly then there are chances of flash drive corruption. You may use the flash drive frequently on different devices which caused the corruption. Then you will lose the access to the files on the flash drive. In such situation, you should recover data from damaged drive using recovery software.

File System corruption: The file system of the flash drive may get corrupted due to virus infection or improper usage like improper ejection of flash drives. In that case the flash drive will go inaccessible resulting in huge data loss. However, you can recover the lost files from the flash drive using recovery software. Mac Disk Recovery Software can recover files from flash drive easily.

Change File System: The File System of the flash drive can be changed. When the flash drive is formatted with the new File System then the files on the previous File System will be lost. If you do not have another copy of the files on the flash drive then you can recover the files using recovery software. Mac Disk Recovery Software helps you for lost flash drive data recovery.

Prominent features of Mac Disk Recovery Software:

Mac Disk Recovery Software can perform lost flash drive data recovery. The software has powerful scanning mechanism that it can identify numerous file types of about 300. You can recover documents and media files on Mac. You can recover data from any drive on the Mac computer. Hence, it is possible to recover data on external hard drive Mac effectively. You can even recover data from iPods, MP3 players, MP4 players, etc. on different OS of Mac like Mac OS X 10.5.x and above version, Lion, Leopard and Snow Leopard. The software requires minimal storage space to be installed. You have the option of even compressing the recovered files if storage space to save the data is less on the disk. Try the demo version of the software to know more.

Follow simple steps to recover lost data from flash drive using Mac Disk Recovery Software:

Step 1: Download Mac disk recovery software and install on the Mac computer. Launch the software and soon you will get the main screen of the software. Select "Recover Photos " option to recover different media files lost from the flash drive. Then click on "Recover Lost Photos" from the next screen.

Mac Disk Recovery Software - Main Window

Step 2: Select the flash drive and click "Next" to scan the drive.

Mac Disk Recovery Software - Drive Selection Window

Step 3: After scanning, the result will be listed. You can preview the files using Preview option and save them on the computer.

Partition Undelete - Preview Window


For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7) and
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