Restore iTunes Songs

iTunes is the media player and the media library application developed by Apple Inc. This is the most preferred media player that is craved among the iPod users or other media playing devices that store and plays those files without any interruption. This application supports various types of audio file extensionst like .mp3, .wav, .dct, .au, etc. As new songs are released now and then the user downloads and saves them in the iTunes library folder. Unfortunately due to certain reasons some of the audio files that were present in the library may get deleted or lost. No need to get depressed... all those lost music files can be restored with the help of Mac disk recovery tool which has been specially designed for finding lost iTunes files.

Scenarios that cause loss of iTunes songs are:

  • Virus Infection: Virus infection is one of the leading reasons that cause loss of songs are stored in the iTunes library folder. Music files from iTunes library go missing due to virus infection that were collected in the folder from very long period of time.

  • Unintentional Formatting: If you format Mac hard drive by mistake containing iTunes library then it completely erase all the files present in it resulting in loss of iTunes songs from Mac.

  • iTunes Library corruption:  iTunes library may get damaged due to unexpected termination of system from the library, assigning incorrect paths to the library or wrong placing of iTunes programs, then all the audio files present in it become inaccessible which might lead to loss of files at mass.

Mac Disk recovery tool which performs an efficient scanning program which will help you to bring back lost music file. It is the best designed application that has been developed by experts with utmost care to find all the songs from iTunes library that have been deleted or lost as result of various reasons mentioned above. With the help of this application you'll easily get to know how to recover songs from iTunes library folder. This restoration tool scans your entire drive within less time and gets back all types of songs that were present in the iTunes library folder. There are various partitions that are available like the HFS+ and HFSX. This application effectively gets back the entire music file from these partitions. With the help of this scanning program the user can also get back deleted data from USB drive and also other storage devices. The audio songs that are retrieved from the partition can be viewed in two formats “Data View” and “File Type View”. This Data View option allows the user to view the restored data in the form of folders in a hierarchical manner where as File Type present you with the files along with their extensions. Hence the user can choose the most suitable form as per his requirements.

This application also supports to restore the data from various types of flash drives that are available in the market. These drives are very useful as they help in transfer of information from one system to other system or to an other external hard drive. But data loss from the flash drive cannot be spared. But you can know the procedure to find the missing files by clicking here.

Follow these simple instructions to get back songs from iTunes library:

Step 1: Install the application in the system. Connect the iPod after launching the application then and click on “Recover Photos” from the main screen.

How to Recover Songs from iTunes Library - Main Screen

Step 2: Select the iPod from where the songs have been lost and click on the type of file that has to be retrieved and proceed to the scanning process.

How to Recover Songs from iTunes Library - Select iPod

Step 3: Save the files to the desired destination location as available.

How to Recover Songs from iTunes Library - Recovered Files List

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7) and
Mountain Lion (10.8) & Mavericks Users