How can i restore files from a bad hard drive?

Once a hard drive goes bad on a Mac computer, is there any hope of recovering data from it? If so, how? Are you the one who is going through the trouble and worried about finding the solution to this complex data loss issue caused by bad hard drive. Relax, you are at the right place to put an end to all your troubles!!! Fortunately there are various data recovery utilities available over internet, which are exclusively developed for Mac OS. However choosing the accurate software like Mac drive data recovery utility plays a major role in easy recovery of lost, missing or inaccessible data from bad Mac hard drive effective way. This Mac drive data recovery tool is built with powerful scanning algorithms to deeply scan your Mac hard drive sector by sector to spot and recover around 280 file types using their unique file extensions. This software has ability to recover data from hard drive on Mac OS X Lion, Leopard and Snow Leopard machines in safe manner without any damage.

You may experience an occasional screen freeze and you may come across the Blue Screen of Death error repeatedly when you start Mac computer. In addition, you may hear loud rhythmic clicking noises and see that some files have disappeared or changed on Mac hard drive. These warnings indicate that your Mac hard drive has turned bad, which is going to stop working in shorter time. You have stored the priceless data on Mac hard drive that you didn’t backed up to another device. In such case bad hard drive can signal the loss of personal data, which can be a shocking incident in this information era. However, spotting the symptoms in advance can save your valuable data and headaches that data loss could cause before bad hard drive could stop working.

Luckily Mac hard drives give warnings or shows some symptoms before failing, which gives you an opportunity to be aware of the hard drive failure approaching in the near future, and to extract important data that might not already be backed up. Common symptoms of bad hard drive are as follows:

  • Usually hard drives make noise, but when a hard drive goes bad you hear high pitched humming, loud clicking or grinding noises coming from the Mac hard drive
  • Frequent appearance of blue screen of death error on Mac computer on startup
  • Your Mac system keeps having frequent freezes or hangs up and continuous re-booting of the Mac system
  • Errors like “hard drive is not formatted”, “Operating system not found or drive cannot be accessed” or “boot drive/device not found or drive cannot be accessed” when you startup your Macintosh machine.

Above symptoms clearly indicate that the Mac hard drive is going to fail sooner or later rendering its data in inaccessible state. Therefore at the first sign of hard drive failure, backup up your precious data kept on Mac hard drive to prevent its loss. Irrespective of the reason for a bad hard drive, you are more worried about lost or inaccessible data that includes a variety of Microsoft Office documents, emails, photos, videos, songs, softwares, games, e-books, zip archives and a lot more stuff kept on the Mac hard disk. You can get rid from all such worries with the help of Mac disk recovery software. It is capable to retrieve data from bad hard drive and you can also undelete Mac partition. To find deleted partition on Mac using this software, you can go here to know step by step procedure to undelete Mac volume or drive.

There are various logical or mechanical causes responsible for bad Mac hard drive leading to its failure

  • Crash of read/write head or bad sectors
  • Severe hardware/software conflicts
  • Overheating of the processor, frequent power failures
  • Incorrect formatting, re-partitioning errors, file system corruption
  • Boot sector or registry file corruption
  • Hard drive corruption, partition table corruption and so on

When data is corrupted or lost as a result of bad hard drive, first you have to stop using your Mac hard drive immediately to prevent permanent loss of data. Download and install the demo version of Mac drive data recovery tool on healthy Macintosh computer, connect your bad hard drive as an external hard drive, select it from the list of detected physical storage devices. Follow the easy and simple instructions on screen to recover documents on Mac as shown by its user interface and restore data from complete dead hard drive. After the recovery it shows you a list of recovered files or folders restored from bad hard drive on Mac system under a tree structure. Make use of these recovery results to estimate and analyze the capabilities of this excellent Mac drive data recovery software. 

Get back data from bad Mac hard drives using Mac drive recovery software:

  • When the data is lost from from dead Mac hard drive due to any of the above mentioned reasons, take the help of this reliable Mac hard drive data recovery software to scan your entire bad hard drive to get back lost file sin short time.
  • This application is the best choice for recovering files formatted hard drive on Mac to bring back erased files and folders.
  • Advanced Mac drive recovery tool is capable of recovering data from SATA, PATA, ATA, SCSI, and IDE hard drives and external hard drives on Mac OS.
  • You can get back deleted, lost on inaccessible data from HFS+, HFSX, FAT16 and FAT32 volumes/partitions on a bad Mac hard drive.
  • It can recover data from the bad hard drive regardless of hard drive brands including Seagate, Iomega, Buffalo, Hitachi, Western Digital, Maxtor, LaCie, Lexar, Toshiba and.
  • Apart from Mac hard drives, you will be able to perform data recovery from external hard drive on Mac together with USB drives, flash memory cards, iPods and FireWire Drives.
  • Mac drive data recovery software can also get back data from bad laptop hard drives on Mac OS. For an instance you can retrieve data from MacBook Air, MacBook Pro laptop models with ease by using this tool.

The simple procedure to recover data from bad Mac hard drive is briefly mentioned below:

Step-1: Download and install the demo version of the Mac drive data recovery utility on a healthy Mac hard drive after connecting the bad hard drive to it as slave and launch it properly. After successful launching of the application select “Recover Volume / Drive” from the welcome screen. Click on “Volume Recovery” after that from the next Window.

How Do You Recover Data from a Bad Hard Drive - Main Window

Step-2: After that select the bad hard disk as the physical drive and click on “Next” to start the drive recovery process. After the scanning process is over, you can view all the data recovered from the crashed hard disk drive along with their details

PHow Do You Recover Data from a Bad Hard Drive - Preview Window

Note - To overcome the loss of data when hard drive goes in the future, always backup your important hard drive data onto any external hard drive and update it on regular basis.

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