HDD Data Recovery on Mac OS X Lion

Are you among those computer users who are browsing web for a perfect solution to retrieve hard drive data on Mac Lion? If Yes, then your rigorous search has come to an end because; you have hit the perfect match to your problem. This website solves each and every Mac hard drive data loss related issues. Whether it is a case of simple hard drive formatting or complex hard drive repartitioning or resizing process or may it be data loss after dual boot installation. Are you stuck in anyone of such scenarios??? Don’t Worry!!! Mac Disk Recovery Utility will definitely help you out.

The hard disk data remains in its original memory location until it is overwritten with some new data. Therefore, it is really simple to retrieve those data using Mac Disk Recovery tool as soon as they are lost. To avoid overwriting of the lost hard drive data you have to keep the affected hard drive unused. Neither you should save any new files to it nor should you install any recovery software on it.

However, the scenarios under which the files from hard disk on Mac Lion can be deleted / lost are explained below in details. It is better to go though them so as to avoid occurrence of such scenario in the near future.

Boot sector virus: Boot sector viruses can severely infect the hard drive boot sector resulting in unbootable Mac hard drive. These boot sector viruses can be spread in the Mac hard drive via infected floppy disk. This occurs generally when the user leaves the floppy disk unintentionally in the system. These viruses damage the boot sector of the hard drive causing making it unbootable and hence resulting in serious data loss issue.

File system corruption: If the file system of the hard drive corrupted or damaged due to any reason then the entire hard drive data becomes inaccessible to the user. The file system of the Mac hard disk can be damaged due to accidental system shut down after power failure, operating system crash, virus attack etc. In such cases, you will have to retrieve data from damaged drive irrespective of hard drive or external storage drive.

Bad Sectors: The hard drive data can be inaccessible on Mac OS X lion due to bad sectors on it. Bad sector means the damaged sector on the hard drive surface. This sector prevents the header of the hard drive from reading data on its adjacent sectors. Therefore, the user will be unable to access data from the bad sectors and its adjacent sectors as well. It can be created after intense read / write process; Overclocking of motherboard, power surges etc.

Lack of data backup: If you have not taken data backup during any hard drive related process like formatting, repartitioning or during dual boot installation, then you will definitely end up in losing your valuable hard drive data. Sometimes, the hard drive file system becomes RAW which needs formatting of the entire hard drive. In such scenarios, you need to back up the entire hard drive data before formatting. If you have forgotten to take a backup, then you will lose whole hard drive data.

Mac Disk recovery tool is one of the best Mac recovery tools which is reviewed and recommended by most of the industry experts. It can recover Mac hard drive data lost due to any of the above scenario. It allows you to recover crashed MacBook Air hard drive after operating system crash or software incompatibility. As explained earlier the hard disk on Mac OS X can be formatted under may circumstances like to get rid of harmful virus, to convert a volume from dynamic to basic or to get rid of file system corruption. In such scenarios, this advanced utility helps you to retrieve formatted hard drive files on Mac OS X and above versions.

Additionally, this software also helps to restore lost data from flash drive, external hard drives, FireWire drives etc. Files from external hard drive can be lost after abruptly removing it from the Mac computer while some files in the external hard drive are still in use. The file system of the external hard drive may get corrupted due to this resulting in serious data loss. In such cases, this software helps you to restore external hard disk files on Mac OS. You can evaluate the performance of this software by using its demo version.

AVI files are popular format of video files. Many people are fond of watching movies. But as disaster happens loss of AVI files are common. It can happen due to any reason. Make use of this software to get back missing AVI files from Mac drive. For info about the recovery procedure click here.

The effective steps to retrieve files from hard disk on Mac OS X Lion are mentioned below:

Step 1: Download and install Mac Drive Recovery software on another healthy computer. Now, connect the affected hard drive as a secondary storage device to it. After launching the software, select “Recover Drives/Volumes” from the main screen and then select either “Volume Recovery” or “Formatted or Reformatted Recovery” option from the next screen

Mac Disk Recovery Software - Main Window

Step 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Now, select the connected Mac hard disk as the physical drive from which you have lost the data and then click on “Next” option to proceed. Once the data recovery process gets finished, you can view the recovered data by clicking on “preview” option. Do not save the recovered data on the connected hard drive

Partition Undelete - Preview Window

Step 2: Recovered File List

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7) and
Mountain Lion (10.8) & Mavericks Users